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Vocals * Percussion * Tall Tales

Dangerous Music! Celtic * Middle Eastern
Medieval * Original

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Roxlovian Sound Samples

From "A Fiddler in Every Port"
click to listen
"Two Guitars"
Mp3 (5,327 k 3:24)
"Sailing Breeze Waltz" (Michelle Alany)
Mp3 (3,720 k 2:56)
"He Was A Fiddler (by Emily Cantrell)/Swedish Jig"
Mp3 (4,509 k 3:12)
"Doda 166"
Mp3 (3,100 k 2:34)
From the Live Album "Living Room Rox"
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"El Choclo"
Mp3 (11,819 k 5:02)
"The Rights of Man/the Whistling Hora"
Mp3 (12,331 k 5:15)
"Way Out At Sea" (Ky Hote)
Mp3 (6,267 k 2:38)

Video Links

The Scandinavians (excerpt)
featuring Lauren Morris, Ky Hote & Rio Blue
live at TRF 2021
featuring Alex Korolov, Lauren Morris & Ky Hote
live at TRF 2021
"Christmas Rox"
featuring Owl Morrison, Lauren Morris, Ky Hote & Jim Hancock
our annual Holiday medley
live at TRF 2021 on the Globe Stage
Clickin' Chickens
featuring Marta Rymer, Ky Hote & Rio Blue
live at MRF 2014 on the Jewel Stage
Mouse Dance
featuring Natalie Beversluis & Amelia Jo
live at MRF 2021
A La Una
featuring Ky Hote and dancers Alyssa & Tanya
live at PARF 2010
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A Fiddler In Every Port

FIEP cover

Songs on A Fiddler In Every Port:
  1. Two Guitars
  2. Staines Morris/Drowsy Maggie
  3. He Was Fiddler/Swedish Jig
  4. Bessarabian Girl
  5. Blarney the Pilgrim/Banish Misfortune
  6. Sailing Breeze Waltz
  7. Papirosen
  8. Kalinka
  9. Wild Rose of the Mt./Finns-Pals Polska
  10. Gypsy Laddio/Cantiga 353
  11. Doda/Cantiga 166
  12. Jerusalem Ridge/Da New Rigged Ship
  13. Metsakukia Waltz (Forest Flower Waltz)
  14. John O'Dreams

Living Room Rox

Songs on Living Room Rox:
  1. Clickin' Chickens
  2. Rights of Man/Whistling Hora
  3. Zemer Atik
  4. Swedish Jig
  5. Happy Horas
  6. Bessarabian Hora
  7. Way Out At Sea
  8. Road to Lisdoonvarna/Morrison's Jig
  9. Los Bibilicos
  10. Sailing Breeze Waltz
  11. Gloomy Sunday/Butterfly
  12. Early Morning Ska
  13. El Choclo

The original promo picture

Ky, Lauren & Rio

Playing for TRF Christmas Royal Revels 2013

Nuevo Chile
Appreciation Concert 2013
with Jim Hancock

Ky, Steve Wood, Lauren
at Wildflower House Concert

Ky signaling an ending to Lauren & Vicki Scuteri - Tenn Ren 2008

Traditional (mostly) tunes covered:
  • A Beggin' We Will Go
  • A La Una
  • Aaran Boat Song
  • After the Battle of Augrum
  • Banish Misfortune
  • el Basso
  • Bear Dance (trad. & Michael Gardner)
  • Bessarabian Boy
  • Bessarabian Girl
  • Bessarabian Hora
  • Bianprovisation
  • los Bibilicos
  • the Black Nag
  • Blackberry Blossom
  • BlackJack David (Mike Heron)
  • Blarney the Pilgrim
  • Blood Red Roses
  • Brian Boru
  • Bublichki
  • the Butterfly
  • Campbell's Farewell
  • un Canadian Errant
  • Cantiga 100
  • Cantiga 281
  • Cantiga 353
  • Carolyn's Concerto
  • Childgrove
  • el Choclo (Angel G. Villildo)
  • Christmas Day Ida Morning
  • Clickin' Chickens
  • Cliffs of Moher
  • Clock Waltz
  • the Crested Hen
  • el Cumbanchero
  • (Rafael Hernandez Marin)
  • Dark Eyes
  • Doda 166
  • Drowsy Maggie
  • Father O'Flynn
  • Finn's Polksa
  • Fishtianado
  • Flowers of Edinburgh
  • Forest Flower Waltz (Metzekukia Waltz)
  • Gaelic Waltz
  • Gathering Peascods
  • Give Me Your Hand (Rory Dall O'Caghan)
  • Gjettingless
  • Gloomy Sunday
  • Greensleeves
  • Gypsy Laddio/Cantiga 353
  • Gypsy's Jig (Kristen Jensen)
  • the Halting March
  • Happy Horas
  • He Was A Fiddler (Emily Cantrell)
  • Health to the Company (trad. & Owain Phyfe)
  • Hey Ho Nobody Home
  • Hole In The Wall
  • Horse's Bransle
  • House Carpenter
  • How Can I Keep From Singing    (Robert Wadsworth Lowry, Doris Plenn)
  • Hungarian Dance #5
  • Hunt The Squirell
  • Irish Washer Woman
  • Jenny Pluck Pears
  • Jerusalem's Ridge (Bill Monroe & Kenny Baker)
  • John O' Dreams (Bill Caddick, Tchaikovsky)
  • Kalinka
  • Kate's Hornpipe (Kristen Jensen)
  • Keriboushka
  • Kesh Jig
  • Kemp's Jig
  • Kid On the Mountain
  • King of the Faeries
  • Kom Til Mig
  • Lark In the Morning
  • Larry O'Gaff
  • Leaving of Liverpool
  • Little Beggar Man
  • Little Sister
  • Lover's Waltz (Jay Ungar & Molly Mason)
  • Maltese Bransle (Duck Song)
  • Mari's wedding
  • Marino Waltz (John Sheehan)
  • Mayim (E. Pugatchov)
  • Merry Little Hop (Graeme Miles)
  • Metzekukia Waltz (Forest Flower Waltz)
  • Milk In the Batter (Owl Morrison)
  • a Minstrel's Life For Me (Ky Hote)
  • Miserlou
  • Monto (George Desmond Hodnett)
  • Morrison's Jig
  • Moses Freed The Slaves (Ky Hote)
  • Mouse Dance
  • da New Rigged Ship
  • O Dat Nonesuch
  • Over the Waterfall
  • Papirosen
  • Parson's Farewell
  • La Partida
  • Parting Glass
  • Planxty Fanny Power (Turlough O'Carloyn)
  • Pretty Peggy-O
  • the Princess and the Frog (Michael Smith)
  • Princess Royal (Turlough O'Carloyn)
  • Raggle Taggle Gypsy-O
  • Ragtime Annie
  • Rains of Castamere (Ramin Djawadi)
  • Rakes of Mallow
  • Red Haired Boy
  • Rights of Man
  • Road to Lisdoonvarna
  • la Romanesca
  • Romanian Train Song
  • Romantanasque
  • Rufty Tufty
  • Sailing Breeze Waltz (Michelle Alany)
  • Sailor's Hornpipe
  • Saint Anne's Reel (trad. words by Michelle Shocked)
  • Saint Brendan's Fair Isle (Jimmy Driftwood)
  • Saltarello
  • Sellinger's Round
  • Sheherazade (Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov)
  • Si Bheag, She Mhor
  • Southwind
  • Staines Morris
  • Star of Munster
  • Swedish Jig
  • Tanz, Tanz, Yidelekh
  • Tarentella
  • Tell Me Ma
  • These Two Arms (Donna Stjerna)
  • Two Guitars (Ivan Vasiliev)
  • Way Out At Sea (Ky Hote)
  • Whiskey Before Breakast
  • Whistling Hora
  • Wild Rose of the Mountain
  • Wild Rover
  • Yjiron
  • Zemer Atik (Amitai Neeman & Michael Kashtan)

A Brief History of The Roxlovians

       The Roxlovians began in the lanes of the 2007 Tennessee Renaissance Festival when Lauren Morris and Ky Hote discovered they enjoyed playing tunes out of 2 books in particular: "Gypsy Violin" by Mary Ann Harbar & "Cantiga's Renaissance Favorites" by Robert Bielefeld. These tunes were the nucleus for the diverse repertoire of The Roxlovians including the music known as Gypsy music, Celtic music, Medieval music, music from the Middle East and Isreal and what ever other music is fun to play and improvise on, including original songs.

       "We are cousins from Roxlovia!" Roxlovia is nestled somewhere near Bessarabia and Freedonia and many cousins have traveled the world to join Lauren and Ky at Renaissnace Festivals and other venues. The ensemble is a vehicle for Ky's out-of-the-box guitar playing complemented with adventurous fiddle playing. Aside from Lauren Morris, other fiddlers include Michelle Alany, Natalie Beversluis, Kristen Jensen, Cedric Hazlerig, Owl Morrison, Alex Korolov, Kristin Coyle, Karen Lee Larsen, Marta Rymer and two fiddlers that were key to development of the group, Michi Reiger and Vicki Scuteri. Other instrumenatlists include Rio Blue (percussion), Joe Jewell (hammered dulcimer), Lady Victoria (hammered dulcimer), Jerry Barry (guitar, vocals) and Jim Hancock (bass).

       This was dangerous music - why should the jugglers have all the fun? Each set of The Roxlovians is different and they enjoy learning new tunes and finding ways to make them their own. Away from the festivals, The Roxlovians feature more original tunes (Ky, Lauren, Michelle are all songwriters) and rockers.

       In 2014, Michelle Alany and Ky recorded "Living Room Rox" and 2020 saw the release of "A Fiddler in Every Port," a collaborative effort that featured no less then six fiddlers!

Thanks to photographers/videographers: Anne Wright, Paul Siegmund, Ricky Dodson, Katie Farmer, Thomas Gerstner, Michael Brainard, many others unknown (email me and I'll credit you!)

A note about why we changed our name:
Originally the group was called Gypsy Rox to celebrate the music we chose and our love of traveling and playing music from all over. It has been brought to our attention the term "gypsy," far from the positive free-wheeling meaning it took on in the United States, is a derogatory term used for people who were oppressed, mainly the Romani people who emigrated from India to lands far and wide. Their talents at traveling and making a life for themselves wherever they went came from being forced out of homes, towns and whole countries. The term "gypsy" was used to categorize someone as a thief, a liar and a cheat. Calling someone a "gypsy" meant you wanted to enslave them, put them in jail or murder them with no other justification other than that they were "gypsies." There is contraversy about the term and many Romani musicians have embraced the term as their own, reflecting the history and culture of their music. We meant no offense calling ourselves Gypsy Rox, but also we don't particularly play Romani music, so it was a confusing name and in deference to those that objected, we chose a name that embraces our culture and history. We are The Roxlovians.

Rio, Alany & Ky - The Elgin Owl

Ky, Rio & Alany - The Elgin Owl

Rio Blue - 2014

Kristen Jensen, Rio, Ky w/ Katya & Tzara from Global Dance Theater - Sherwood Forest Faire

TRF dancers 2013

Kristin Coyle, Tess Hartis, Owl Morrison, Ky Hote

Amelia Jo by Paul Siegmund - MRF 2021

Kristen Jensen, Rio, Ky - Sherwood Forest Faire

Joe Jewell, Rio Blue & Ky 2013


Rio, Ky & Marta Rymer
at Michigan Ren Faire 2014
photo by Lord Paris

at the Wildflower Concert Series
September, 2012

Playing on the NYC Highline

Karen Lee, Rio, Ky TRF 2013

TRF - Kira dancing

at Sherwood Forest 2013

Cedric Hazlerig & Ky Hote on the cover of the Elgin Courier

Alex Korolov, Lauren & Ky - TRF 2021